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As a small business owner, you’re used to doing things yourself. In fact, you’re darn good at it. So, we think you should get to do financing yourself, too.

Entrepreneurs know all too well how difficult the funding landscape is. You can either 1) raise a seed round from investors who take a big piece of your equity OR 2) hassle with lending institutions who are risk intolerant and slap you with high interest rates. Both scenarios are lengthy processes with less than favorable outcomes.

SparkMarket is a software tool that allows dreamers and doers to borrow capital from your network in your community on your terms. Our new online system allows you to create your own fundraising campaign and manage the entire borrowing, closing and repayment process.

Here’s how it works:  a small business can ask its network and community to support it directly through an investment in a small debt offering via a SparkMarket Campaign. Community members then support these businesses by pledging to invest in the Campaign using SparkMarket’s intrastate compliant offering tools. When a Campaign closes successfully, the investors become lenders to that business, and realize a reasonable rate of interest on the loan. SparkMarket’s first-of-its-kind small public debt offerings align the interests of entrepreneurs who need capital, with community members who support local job creation.

Our Team

We’re lawyers who didn’t feel fulfilled doing work in the old-guard financial world. We wanted to be part of something new, something we cared about and have a ton of fun doing it. So we created SparkMarket—a one of a kind neighborhood marketplace designed around a unique Georgia law known as the Invest Georgia Exemption (“IGE”), which lets Georgia businesses advertise investment offerings to everyday Georgia residents.

Megan Johnson


Jeff Bekiares


Board of Advisors

Bernie Dixon, Ken Gavranovic, and Alan Surell

Since 2011, we have been working to build the infrastructure that would make local investing a reality. We were among the first to spot the potential of the IGE, and we helped frame the rule, which places Georgia on the leading edge of the movement to legalize local crowdfunding. Today, SparkMarket is available to small businesses in both Georgia and Tennessee, with more states being added in the near future.

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