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call for investors

I'm looking for unaccredited investors in Georgia & Tennessee to help spark my small biz. Interested? Learn more at


love for sparkmarket

I'm using tools from @SparkMarket to find investors in my local community for a win-win slam dunk! Learn more at


General promo 

Looking to invest in a local, community focused, small business? [@YourCompany] could use your help. Let's talk.




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call for investors

I need a spark! [TAG]@YourCompany is looking for community focused, unaccredited investors (everyday, regular people) to invest and gain a real return through a unique program offered in Georgia and Tennessee. Let's talk.

love for sparkmarket

Using the tools from [TAG]@TheSparkMarket we're turning customers into investors. [TAG]@YourCompany is looking for community members to back our growth and get a real return. We wcould valueuse your help, learn more at


I’m taking [TAG]@YourCompany to the next level, but have decided not to borrow money from banks and Wall Street. Instead, I’m seeking local funding on our terms.  Learn more about how you can invest (and get a return) at

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We need a spark. [Your Company] is getting ready to take off, but in order to do so, we need some funding and we're looking for investment from our community- focused and small business- loving network. Utilizing Georgia and Teneesee’s recently passed legislation, we're using the tools provided by Atlanta-based SparkMarket to raise money without banks, on our own terms. This opens the door for us to allow unaccredited investors (everyday people, like you) to have a say in the business in your local community. Learn more and invest today at and share with others you think that might want to get involved.

Hurry - [Your Company]’s capital campaign ends on DATE.

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[Warm Greeting]

I hope you're well! I'm reaching out to let you know that [Your Company] is getting ready to take off. [Briefly explain some background about your company]

We need a spark from our community in order to really move forward. [Layout your deal and terms]

To make this happen, we're taking advantage of Georgia and Tennessee’sthe recent legislation that allows for us to seek investment from unaccredited investors (people like you) and provide a return on their investment. This means no banks and no hassles, just a community supporting each other where everyone wins.

I'm sure you've got questions and I'd be happy to help answer any. In the meantime, hop over to to learn more and to make an investment.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in becoming an investor, please forward along!


P.S.  Hurry - [Your Company]’s capital campaign ends on DATE.

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