In Three Simple Steps

1. Define Your Terms

Identify how much you need and we’ll help you determine funding terms that will work best for your business needs.

2. Build Your Campaign

Use our easy-to-use online campaign builder to create your own Web site plug-in and social media assets.

3. Spark Your Campaign

Share the opportunity with loyal customers and potential investors that care the most about your business.

Do You Fit The Bill?


SparkMarket can support your fundraising needs, if:

  • You want to borrow or solicit investments up to $1 million
  • All lenders or investors are based in your state
  • Each investor or lender will contribute no more than $10,000 (unless considered an "accredited investor")
  • You want to set your own funding terms and milestones

See our FAQs for more information


You are eligible to use SparkMarket to raise funds, if:

  • Your Corporation or Limited Liability Company is formed in Georgia or Tennessee
  • Business operations and assets are primarily located in your state
  • The majority of funds raised will be spent on operations in your state

See our FAQs for more detailed eligibility information